MSc, ND, Naturopath
Co-owner of Le Soleil Health and Wholeness

Dr. Robert Pearman is a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and has been in practice in Edmonton since 1987. He graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon. Before embarking on a career in Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Pearman earned a Master of Science Degree in Biology and participated in tissue transplantation immunology research as an undergraduate.

Dr. Pearman has taught Herbology and Nutritional Assessment courses at Grant MacEwan College in the Holistic Practitioner program since 2000. He has also guest lectured in the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Alberta on the topics of Herbology and Homeopathy. In addition he was privileged to have been involved in the C.A.R.E. program in conjunction with the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

The primary focus in treatment is in using natural methods of healing and modalities that will assist the body in the healing process. Naturopathic Medicine embraces the philosophy that disease is a result of the body’s response to the environmental and lifestyle influences that have impacted its ability to heal. In his private practice Dr. Pearman uses nutritional, botanical, and homeopathic therapies to assist his patients in optimizing their health.  He is currently seeing 3 generations of clients, attesting to the trust and value clients have established with him over his many years of practise.

BA, RAc, CD(DONA), Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Doula
Co-owner of Le Soleil Health and Wholeness

Valerie Plante is a Registered Acupuncturist having graduated from the Grant MacEwan program in 2005. She takes a holistic approach to healing, finding and restoring the balance required for the body to function optimally incorporating modalities such as Acupuncture, Chinese meridian massage or Tuina, Chinese Herbology, cupping therapy, pulse diagnosis, reflexology, chakra balancing and nutrition counseling.

Her specialties include birth preparation, hormonal imbalances and fertility issues. Valerie has incorporated Traditional Japanese style of Acupuncture based on techniques gained through studies in Japan at Goto College, Tokyo and Shikoku Medical College, Kagawa Prefecture. In addition treatments are beneficial for many general conditions including stress, pain management, digestive disorders, weight loss and sleep issues.  She is committed to ongoing study and acquiring of new knowledge to ensure delivery of the best care possible.

Valerie is also a birth Doula certified with DONA, Doula Association of North America and a member of DAE, Doula Association of Edmonton. She has written several articles for Birth Issues covering topics including; acupuncture in pregnancy, post-partum care, fertility and preparation for pregnancy. For more information on how you can restore your body to full health after pregnancy and birthing you may wish to contact her about Mother Warming and Placenta Encapsulation.

Her practice has benefited with the inclusion of studies with such masters as:
Debra Betts, R.Ac, RN, in fertility and birth issues. Debra Betts is the author of “Essential Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Childbirth.”
Dr. David Bray D.Ac, Specialist Certificate in TCM Gynecology from Changsha, Hunan, China, Chinese herbal practitioner
Dr.Mikio Sankey, Dr. Mikio Sankey, acupuncturist, naturopathic physician, and iridologist.. Dr. Sankey uses his knowledge of foundational energy to balance the body through the integration of the chakras
Zita West Fertility expert from the UK. Zita is a midwife, nutritional consultant and acupuncturist.
Will Morris Acupuncturist practicing in Austin Texas specializing in pulse diagnosis and divergent meridians.
Dr. Robert Abell, L.Ac, Naturopathic Medicine – He is considered an expert in his field and teaches biotherapeutic drainage, gemmotherapy, homeopathy and Chinese Medicine to doctors in the United States and Canada.


Kieron Parsons is a clinically trained traditional Naturopath (UK) and Master Herbalist, who holds two Masters of Sciences in Gastroenterology and Integrative Medicine.  Additional modalities Kieron utilizes within his practice entail live blood analysis along with various traditional naturopathic techniques and functional medical tests to assist him in determining the underlying reason for your health condition.

* Despite Kieron not being recognised as a Naturopathic Doctor in Canada right now, he anticipates to obtain this title along with the healthcare coverage for his clients this summer.

Kieron is a strong believer that a well-functioning gastric system is the foundation of health.  However, if our gut is not digesting, absorbing or eliminating waste correctly, there is an elevated possibility for the rest of our body to become affected.  Fortunately, our digestive system possesses the ability to repair itself through the help of healthy eating and the use of other health promoting therapies.

Please visit http://panaceabotanicals.ca/ for more information.

Holistic Health Practitioner HHP

Melanie earned her Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma through Grant MacEwan University in 2013 which encompassed receiving various certificates in reflexology, reiki and Bach Flower Essences.  A year later, she acquired a hot stone therapy course through the School Of Natural Health Sciences along with a certificate in hydro-colonic therapy at Prime Vitality School of Hydro Colon Therapy.  After taking some time away from the clinical setting, she decided to pursue further education in neuro-linguistic programming (2020) and learn the art of cupping (2022) at the Center of Excellence.  As of recent, Melanie has completed a diploma in Spa Esthetics and Micro-massage (Jade Therapy) and Lymphology (Derma ray) from the PanAmerican University Natural Sciences and Medicine in 2024.  With Melanie’s diverse holistic health background and eagerness to return back to the clinical setting, she is excited to offer a few of her modalities (JADE, Derma ray, & hot stone therapy) at Le Soleil Health and Wholeness.

The JADE Therapy uses high frequency electrical currents to help support and move the lymphatic system.  With our lymphatic system being valuable for removing waste, balancing fluids and helping to absorb organ nourishing fat soluble vitamins, these electro-micromassage techniques help to strengthen the lymphatic system and encourages proper blood circulation and various bio-chemical processes that are responsible for giving us healthy, vibrant looking skin.  If you suffer with cellulite, edema, or other skin complaints for example, acne, sun damage and more, a JADE session is worthy of considering.

Carissa Barke
Registered Massage Therapist

We are excited to welcome Carissa Barke, a Board-Certified, Registered Massage Therapist providing therapeutic, relaxation, and cupping massage at Le Soleil Health & Wholeness, Ltd.

Carissa’s experience with holistic health and alternative medicine provides a unique experience for her clients.  In 2016, her exploration of health ignited a passion to help others discover the same fullness of life through natural healing.  After nearly a year of health-focused travel in Hawaii, she enrolled at the Alberta College of Massage Therapy and graduated with distinction.  Soon after, she received her Board Certification with the College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland.  She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies and practices energetic awareness in her treatments.

Carissa’s approach is nurturing, attentive, and restorative.  She specializes in an immersive method to treat symptoms of stress and anxiety.  The treatment space is dedicated to bringing calm, peace, and deep restedness to body and mind.  Slow flowing, rhythmic strokes increase circulation and decrease pain.  By focusing on soothing the nervous system, all systems of healing in the body are supported.

Her treatments typically combine both relaxation and therapeutic techniques.  Therapeutic techniques she used include myofascial release, PNF stretching, active release, and trigger point therapy.  She also incorporates the subtle healing techniques of reflexology, vagus nerve stimulation, sound healing, and breath and energy work in her approach.  You can expect a custom, client-focused treatment that initiates a relaxing state for deep healing of body and mind.

Schedule some time to relax and restore today.  For more information and to use online booking, visit carissabarke.com.  You may also schedule appointments by calling Le Soleil Health and Wholeness at (780) 414-1466.

You can also learn more about Carissa and follow along on Instagram at Carissa on Instagram


Dr. Han Ping Helen Cen is a Naturopathic Doctor based in Edmonton, AB. She received her naturopathic medical training in Toronto at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). Prior to completing her medical studies, she attended McMaster University where she received her Bachelor of Science. As a recipient of the National Millennium Excellence Awards and various scholarships, she continues to strive for excellence in education while balancing her passion to serve the community. She is currently practicing at the Le Soleil Health and Wholeness Clinic with a professional team of practitioners.

During her time at CCNM, She completed her clinical internship at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic as well as a non-profit, free service clinic serving the Aboriginal community in Toronto. She has seen a variety of health conditions such as people facing metabolic dysfunctions, autoimmune diseases, women’s health concerns, and mental health concerns, all of which responded well utilizing a variety of naturopathic modalities. She takes an objective and evidence-informed approach to heal with the consideration of an individual’s energetic abilities, utilizing natural methods to address specific health concerns. Her interest lies in treating health concerns through individualized treatment plans to inspire long-term sustained improvement to an individual’s health as well as the family.

She is your friendly neighbourhood Naturopathic Doctor and is currently accepting new patients. She is a registered member in good standing with the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).

Please visit www.drcennd.ca for more information.

Registered Massage Therapist

Lourdes began her career as a Massage Therapist in 2008 and has been working hard to keep her clients bodies active and agile ever since.  Although she specializes in therapeutic and rehabilitative massage, she is passionate about all types of massage including: pre & post natal massage, relaxation, and cupping as well as craniosacral therapy.  

In addition to being a massage therapist and owner of Summit Massage Therapy & Wellness Ltd in Jasper Alberta, Lourdes also loves to share her knowledge as a clinic supervisor at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy and she has also been an AFLCA Fitness Instructor for over 20 years.  

In her spare time she loves to spend time with her family and enjoys hiking, biking and running in the incredible outdoor playground that nature has to offer!

To learn more about Lourdes, you can visit her website:  www.summitmassage.ca.

For your convenience, you can book appointments either by online booking at the link below or by telephoning Le Soleil Health and Wholeness at (780) 414-1466.


Certified Neuroacoustic Sound Therapist, Touch for Health practitioner, and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner

Justin was trained in psychoacoustics by world-renowned sound therapist Dr. Jeffrey Thompson through The Center For Neuroacoustic Research in California and received his certification for Reconnective Healing in New York. After completing his B.Sc. in Hydrogeology from the University of Alberta, he encountered numerous health challenges and profound shifts that awakened a career in holistic therapy. The transformation leading up to this change in vocation was fueled by divine communications from spiritual entities that continually provide him, and others worldwide, with guidance on a variety of topics including existence, consciousness, healing, and experience, which was the foundation for his channeled work Collecting Consciousness: I Know Nothing, But Wisdom.

His diverse experience in laboratory work, research, and publishing in the Earth sciences has helped him integrate traditional wisdom with cutting-edge science and apply it towards his work in psychoacoustics for balancing the body, mind, and spirit with precisely tuned sounds and vibrations. Applied both holistically and scientifically, Bio-Tuning is an unparalleled approach to balancing brainwave patterns to optimize one’s innate healing process on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical levels. The novelty and efficacy of Bio-Tuning allows him to address anything from severe sleep and stress imbalances to a wide variety of neurological issues. His main areas of focus include:

  • Sleep, Stress, Focus, Meditation, and Motivation
  • Learning, Memory, Performance, and Cognitive Enhancement
  • Psychiatric, Neurological, Dissociative, and Physical Disorders (packages for specific conditions are available)
  • Energy Psychology

For booking and more information on his services, products, and work, please visit:  https://vibrationalinstinct.com/

Email:  jvictor@vibrationalinstinct.com

Phone: 780-953-3222

You may also book appointments to see Justin by telephoning Le Soleil Health and Wholeness at (780) 414-1466

Sarah Salter Kelly

Sarah Salter Kelly is a spiritual teacher, healer, and author of Trauma as Medicine. She utilizes the raw compounded teachings of her life experience to uplift, empower and guide others. Her wisdom is authentic, embodied and hard won – generated through years of integrating the tragic homicide of her mother and forgiving the perpetrator – alongside 30 years of studying personal growth, energy healing, shamanism, and earth-based traditions. Over the past 15 years she has run a private healing practice, facilitated retreats in Canada and in Peru, taught trauma-focused and shamanic healing workshops, and presented at numerous conferences/public events.

She is adept at supporting you in connecting with love and using your awareness of this love to heal.

Private sessions are available with the following focuses, though they typically overlap (healing is messy) as she brings all her tools to the table. Note if you are unsure as to what you need, it may be determined with guidance in the session.

Spiritual Guidance: Who are you, why are you here, and what does it all mean? Receive direction in addressing life’s bigger questions and listening to the answers generated within.

Reiki: Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is shared to facilitate inner peace, heal imbalances, and release unwanted energies.

Psychedelic Integration: Understand and make sense of plant medicine experiences to tune into the bigger picture and find direction forward.

Soul Retrieval: Reclaim the lost parts of your soul that have been fractured through grief, trauma, or loss.

Past life regression: Discover the source of present-day unhealthy patterns that just don’t go away, and become aware of how you may change them.

Ancestral Healing: Transform and heal the generational patterns you have inherited to clear the suffering in yourself, your ancestors and your descendants.

Trauma focused Energy Healing: Become aware of your trauma from an energetic point of view and identify what concrete steps you can take to cultivate freedom. Recognise where you are holding it in your body, and what you need to do to metabolize it – releasing the waste and assimilating the gifts.

Shamanic Journey: Experience the direct revelation of an altered state. With the use of drum or other sound tools you will communicate directly with Spirit/Source to ask some of your big soul questions and go deeper on your path. This often includes connection with a power animal, ancestor and helping spirit

Cleansing: Heavy energy accumulates from the acts of daily living as well as the weight of our unresolved suffering. Be cleansed with a prayer, personal invocation, and rattle to release what you do not need and come home to your body.

Ceremony: This is the action piece that supports you in manifesting your intention. You may be supported in receiving a ceremony which corresponds to your healing or in learning to create your own.

Tools utilized in your session may be: smudging, sound healing, drumming, shamanic journey, led meditation, talk, ceremony, reiki, personal inquiry, breath work.

Most sessions are set up with the following format:

  • Invocation/prayer/blessing – connection to the highest powers of the universe to mark our session as holy and sacred.
  • Discussion – sharing of your intention and reason for our session.
  • Purification – a basic visualization to release heavy energy and open to the light of Source within.
  • Safe place – identification of what you need to feel safe in moving inwards.
  • Body focus – awareness of where you are holding the energy you are addressing and what this means to you.
  • Moving inwards – Choosing one of the above focuses to address intention for our session.
  • Closing prayer

Sessions are 60 minutes $150 CAD

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Marla Grant
Osteopathic Manual Therapist

Marla Grant, BSc, OMT, CSCS

Marla began her education at the University of Alberta where she studied human physiology,  neuroscience and psychology. She went on to study movement and became certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). She spent 10 years working in post rehab as an Exercise Therapist.  It was through a referring practitioner that she was first exposed to Osteopathy and the love of all things fascial was born. She graduated at the top of her class from  the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada and obtained an Honours with Distinction in the program.

Marla is passionate about Osteopathy. She believes that OMT relieves pain and stress in the body from head to toe. Full body optimization can be achieved with Osteopathic Manual Therapy.

To schedule appointments for osteopathy treatments with Marla, please call Le Soleil Health and Wholeness at (780) 414-1466.

Certified Biofeedback Specialist and Supervisor, Certified Nutritional Consultant and Herbalist, Max Pulse Technician, Breast Thermography Technician

After completing her bachelor of science, Tanya taught at a college for eleven years. She was always interested in holistic medicine and in 1995 became a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Herbalist. In 1998 she received formal training in Biofeedback Therapy and began working as a health practitioner integrating her nutritional and herbalist knowledge.

Currently Tanya works with SCIO & INDIGO Biofeedback Systems which have been developed over 30 years of research. Although this device is used worldwide, Tanya was the first to bring it to Edmonton. This system works by using the measurable electrical responses in our bodies to test and correct imbalances including nutrition and homeopathy training, homotoxicology training and spinal and muscular re-education to name a few. For additional information visit www.eprbiofeedback.ca.

In addition to this practice, Tanya has begun working with Max Pulse, an FDA approved medical class two device used to measure pulse waveform and heart rate by photoelectric plethysmography. Its use provides vital information regarding arterial health, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), stress levels, Wave Type and other indices. Through periodic screenings, the before and after effects of lifestyle changes can be monitored to determine their influence on the overall well-being of the client.